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nothing in the world other than war eagle. wow. and, does ohio state deserve to be there? i know, buckeye fans. war eagles. >> welcome everybody. we're waiting on word from the ntsb holding a press conference on the deadly train derailment in new york yesterday that claimed at least four passengers. when we get details on it, we'll pass them along to you. it will be streaming uninterrupted online, on they shopped, but spending still dropped. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. and you know, maybe they just call it sigh-ber monday because they weren't setting records on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, never mind americans came out in droves of the holiday weekend. 45 million alone on thanksgiving day.
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another 92 million hitting the stories and malls on black friday. all of them lured in by a program -- promise of discounts. but the spending was a turnover, dropping by 3% from a year ago, the first time that happened for seven years, but the season is still young. diane is in the streets of new york. >> earlier in the week -- last week, analysts say the lousy weather in the week would happen the weekend sales for thanksgiving day weekend, and more people than ever did in fact come out shopping for thanksgiving weekend, but they spent less money than last year. 141 million people made purchases that weekend. either online or in the stores. thanksgiving day traffic alone was up 27%. but it looks like that came at the expense of black friday traffic which was up 3.4%. spending overall was down 3%,
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$57.4 billion, and i you average that out per shopper, people were spending less, down 4% from what they spent last year. the president and ceo of the nrf says the cold weather, unique promowings and unbeatable prices put millions of americans in the mood to shop but today's shopper is budget conscious and the stores have to put up some low prices to lure them in, which that hurts the bottom line. the other interesting part of this is that fewer people this year than last year said they've picked up a few times for themselves while they were out shopping for everybody else. so at least those that are budget conscious are gifting themselves. and the frf is forecasting 4% growth overall for the holiday season. so plenty of incentive to be good for santa. >> my wife cannot carry this season alone, folks. got to help her out. at least they are out the trying
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but this psychologist says there's another rope why americans aren't exactly buying or buying as much. what would that be? >> there's a lot of financial insecurity, and the economy is still not strong. so, people still have a lot of concerns about spending too much money, losing their jobs, having insurance to pay for. >> how much does that factor into things? the premium shock or whatever. we're told that it's actually affecting a minority of households but that's at lot of households. >> insurance costs a lot of money and a lot of aging people who are employed have cost sharing, so everything goes up, and if your salary isn't going up or you have some insecurity about whether you'll actually have a job, then you have to consider that when you're out shopping. >> how is this -- i've been covering retail sales for decades on the holiday season. all the same concerns.
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angst on the part of folks concerned about job security. that was raging even during the internet boom. so, i'm just wondering whether we get too much credence to the gloom and doom or is it different? >> i think people are concerned about their retirement, and there are jobs that are letting people go when they're in their 50s. >> who do they -- they might skin on themselves a little bit, not going to skimp on family members. >> looking for more deals and you see people out shopping. they want to be part of it but they're more conscious of the bottom line. so they're keeping a list or they're only going out for those extreme sales, and if they can't get what they think is something for a reasonable price, then they're not getting it or they're choosing -- >> kids always come first so always buy for them. >> absolutely. >> even if they're awful children. >> right. and i'll help your wife shop. >> she couldn't do it alone.
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the other shot will be a lot of angst, not enough to make it a miserable holiday but a cautious one. >> we want to buy for others, that's how we show love, it's the american way, but people need to be wise because we don't want to be foolish about our dollars and people are more conscious and feel, listen, i need to take care of myself, and being cost-aware is one way to do that. >> also processed meats and cheeses, i don't think anything says love more than that. always good to have you, doctor. there is a plus side to shoppers holding back. superdeals, super marketdowns are coming back. sooner than before, bigger than before. this year, unlike anything we have seen before. brian's firm keeps track of these things. >> you're seeing the normal typical black friday or cyber monday type of deal, 30, 40% off, but the arrested is this. i -- but the reality is this. the consumer has been immune to these discounts. to seal the deal you need over
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50 or 60% and you can see the discounts start to pick up at penney's and macy's, because consumer has become immune to it, and more importantly, there's a time economic -- you have items such as an xbox 1, a play station, $500 a pop. little johnny and jimmy can only get one of those. back in the day you would get five video games and two consoles. >> i polls -- i also wonder -- i think some retailers lie. they say, this is 40, 50% off a, a price which they never intended to sell an item in the first place. i decent know what the realistics price would have been, but consumers have become so price-conscious, that coming out the gate these guys better have big sales even if they're not really 40 or 50% off. might just be 10% off from what their intended plies was but it looks dramatic.
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>> you took all my notes. the main thing why you're seeing this -- that's a great point. we have real-time price discovery in our hand with tablets and smartphones and we know that retailers have raised prices up only to mark them down, and there's -- stair -- they're still making a ton of money, and the retail shopping experience has gotten cheapened. so we wonder would we need five t-shirts from anber come by and fitch. and you only need one and then get out thereof door -- get out of the door. >> could doo you get a sense that people who shop, they have their musts shop for list and it's their kids, maybe a very significant other, and then there are the marginal ones. this is a tough time for the marginal ones, the ones you sort of like, the family members you now and then see.
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its this the kind of holiday you cut them off the list or what happens? >> i hope i'm not -- the marginal consumer back in the day would have gotten maybe two t-shirts towards the end of the vane. right now maybe they get a gift card or get one t-shirt. that gift of the marginal shopper is something that you are going to wait until the very last minute for and hope you get 60% or 70% off, or the reality is maybe that marginal person in your family doesn't get a gift. >> the bottom line is growth will be in line with inflation which is flat. >> i think the growth is going to be maybe continued disappointing, why? because you're seeing so much price discovery in the market. all-out price wars, a.m. son, wal-mart, target. they start price-matching and brings the price point down. and consumers are not shopping the entire parts of macy's and cc penney, and when see that the
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pries come down. >> good to see you again. early forecast. you might be loving this retail cyber monday, this healthcare cyber monday, not so much. why up and running doesn't mean 0 you'll like what you're finding after this. [ male announcer ] in your lifetime, you will lose three sets of keys, four cell phones, seven socks, and six weeks of sleep. but one thing you don't want to lose is any more teeth. if you wear a partial, you are almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth.
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poligrip and polident for partials seal and protect helps minimize stress, which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. and clean and protect kills odor-causing bacteria. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth. we want to join the ntsb update. the train that was responsible
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for four debts was going 82 in a 30 miles-per-hour bend. let's listen in. >> we need to understand how to the brake system was working in that part of the trip. we're not aware of any problems or anomalies with the brakes. also today we began interviewing the engineer. that interview will be continued over the next couple of days. we have interviews in process with the other two, three -- the other three crew members. investigators from the track group have completed the assessment of the track. they conducted a detailed engineering survey of the site. earlier this afternoon, we released the tracks back to metro. metro north. investigators completed some of the signal testing, that rest of the signals testing will have to be accomplished tonight, late at night, when the traffic is minimal on the tracks.
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earlier this afternoon, mta provided us with a copy of the surveillance video from a nearby bridge. that surveillance video was of low quality. we have sent it back to washington, dc to our laboratories so see if it can be enhanced. the engineers cell phone has been recovered. as is part of our routine process. and the forensic evaluation of that cell phone will be provided to the ntsb. finally, all stencar -- seven cars and the locomotive have been rerailed and the team is conducting a preliminary assess. of five of the cars and the locomotive. the two remaining cars are in the process of being inspected. as soon as that's completed all of the cars and locomotive will be moved to a secure facility for further examination and evaluation in the next few days.
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our investigators will continue their on-scene work tomorrow, including interviews, inspections, and documentation gathering. with that i'd be willing to take few questions. >> was this human error or was this fault where braking systems that led to this derailment? >> the question is, was this human error or faulty equipment? the answer is, at this point in time, we can't tell. at this point in time the data is preliminary burt we can say here's what happened. we know speed and position and power settings and brake application -- we don't know if the brakes went to zero pressure because of a valve change or the breakup. that will be determined as the investigation continues. >> what does it tell you so far? you tell us the throttle was released to idle. at five seconds the brake
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pressure dropped to zero. what does that tell you? >> six seconds before the engine came to a stop and -- when it came to a stop it had had derai. let's over partly on its side. six seconds before coming to a stop the throttle had been at some power setting. so, it was only six second before everything came to a stop that the throttle went to idle. >> this was late in the game. >> very late in the game. >> and at 82-miles-an-hour, that train was going too fast even for the zone leading up to that curve. >> the zone leading up to the curve was a 70-miles-an-hour zone. and, yes, it was in excess of that speed. >> the question is, why then, was the train going so fast? >> that is the question we need to answer. at this point, as i said, this is preliminary data. this is raw data off of the
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event recorders, so it's tells us what happened, doesn't tell us why it happened. >> can you tell us what the engineer told you so far? >> i can't do that. the interviews have started but we don't release any of the interview records until all of the interviews have been conducted. >> how many seconds going into the curve should the throttle have been pulled? did the block box reveal the timeline. >> the black box provides us quite a bit of data. we will be looking at that data to understand how the train was being managed, hough it was -- hugh it -- how it was accelerating but this is early data. >> six second before the train stopped, the engine stopped. can you tell where the location of the train is six seconds before it stopped this locomotive? >> the locomotive in use --
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you've probably seen the pictures -- was basically just nearly inside the turn. so, it was not very far into the turn. >> how far would it have traveled in six seconds. >> did the throttle come off where it comes off the rail, the locomotive? >> that would be close together. >> pardon me? >> close together, but i don't -- without analyzing it, it's hard to say exactly what that sequence was. >> one more question? -- tests on the driver. >> drug and alcohol testing. that has been completed but the results have not been made available to us. [inaudible] >> explain what the brake pressure going to zero means. >> brake pressure -- >> and the timing.
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>> the brake pressure went to zero five seconds prior to the stop -- to the complete stop of the locomotive. the brakes are held off by pressure. so at 120psi, the brakes are held off. when the pressure diminishes, particularly when it goes to zero, full braking application happens. >> occurred before the train derailed or after? >> don't know that at this point. >> the mechanics of this, can you explain how it works? was the engine at the back and the engineer might be at the front of the train? how does the operate the train. >> last question. how does he operate the train in a pusher configuration? the engineer is in a cab car up front. >> okay. is there a -- are there les that run back or how does it work? >> they're -- there's controls that run back because all the power is at the locomotive.
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thank you. >> let me just say a couple of words here, and then senator bloomen that. first, it's very good that the ntsb is in full charge. they are smart, they are competent, and they are independent. >> the bottom line, we can continue and will continue streaming this online for you, but speed might have been a factor in this train derailment on sunday that claimed four lives and injured a couple dozen others. >> there's the curve before it gets past a straightaway here where it was supposed to be go no more than 30-miles-an-hour. it was going 82. way too early to understand why that was going on, why the train was in such a rush, why the conductor was in such a rush. we don't no. right now. or maybe the ntsb does and isn't saying. early on, speed was a fact user in a post crash -- factor in a crash that ruined holidays for
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take the energy quiz. energy lis here.
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so much for up and running. try kinks and it stinks, because this web site is having wait times and bunches of them. ed? >> reporter: bottom line is the administration is struggling to explain whether or not they melt that self-imposeed deadline to fix the web site. consumers are reporting today they found a new page they're being put into that is basically a cueing page, we're told, where there's so much traffic that basically folks are being told you have been thrown in a cue to -- into a queue, and thrown
1:23 pm
into a time. the administration was insisting that is basically a sign of progress because it shows that 375,000 people as of noon today, had already logged on. they're being thrown into this queue and then eventually they're going to enroll. here's jay carney. >> this day -- >> the goal is obviously tone role more people. right and. >> absolutely. >> if they're still waiting -- >> ed, i point you to the fact that more people are visiting the site and are able to effectively go from beginning to end when it comes to enrolling, than was the case in october and in november. >> so the question is whether people are just being thrown from one line to another, and finally, whether or not they're going to be able to enroll because this one deadline has now passed in terms of quote-unquote fixing the web
1:24 pm
site, but there's a new one that jay carney acknowledges which is january 1st when some people have to start getting new coverage under the affordable care act, and the question is, if they can't get all the -- can't get through the process and what will happen to people who are trying to get insurance but can't. >> this visiting the site thing is analogous to if i went to the weight watching web site multiple times, then my diet has begun and i'm losing weight. the amendment is i'm not. so the idea that more people can get on the site seems to argue for either more people liking it or signing up, and that's not necessarily the case. in fact right now that is not the case. >> very much up in the air. on one hand the administration can tout the fact there's more traffic on the site. so it can handle more traffic. and people are obviously
1:25 pm
interested in the product. but can they actually enroll? sign up in the preliminary numbers for the month of november suggest that a lot more people enrolled in november than october, but let's not forget, they were starting with a very, very low number in october. there's only one way to go, which is up. >> all right, ed henry, thank you, my friend. for the kings to the cost, companies are forced to explain to workers what is behind the price jump people are saying in their health care coverage. and ron is the head of human resources and find himself more often than not being the bearer of bad news. what do you tell folks when they want to know what is going on and you have too spell out the details. i imagine they're not placed. >> they're not really happy, and part of it is they have this expectation that they're getting something -- that these are not going to cost them up or the cos are going down, and top of that i have to tell them the good
1:26 pm
news is you're keeping your company healthcare, the bad news it's going to cost you more. >> what do they do? >> we have to walk through an explanation and talk a little bit about what in into companies are doing and how it's costing the company a lot of money but we think it's the right thing to do and we'll keep doing it as long as we can afford it. they understand but they're still getting mixed messages when hey see headlines saying they can sign up for this new product. >> you know, hear from a lot of folks, both quite attuned to what is going on and those not. surely the experts had to know that this was coming, that why did we get a lot of these sticker shock details now where sometimes weeks if not months before a plan was slated to roll out or private plans were being phased out, was there sort of like a concerted effort on the part of insurance companies to fool us or do they, too just learn the gravity of all these requirements and that they would
1:27 pm
necessarily mean costs would spiral? >> i get the sense that people wanted to believe it. sort of like people who fall for scams and say, irrealy want to believe it can happen so i'm going to respond. and i have a feeling the whole thing would not have passed if folks didn't at least sign up and think it could work but that was in a perfect world, and as reality hits we're starting to see it's not coming noth a perfect situation. >> a lot of these companies, your own included, they knew and they warned that premiums have to go up up but the severity dit register until the last few weeks when a lot eye companies say we have to cancel this plan, or you have to pay more if you want to continue on this plan. did something happen or was this just a sort of a collective, let's go line-by-line and price this thing out? >> it went as we went along.
1:28 pm
some of the requirements got phased in a couple years ago, as they got phased in the costs went up and we sort of at least registered -- nothing changed. in the meantime, everybody kept heading down the path where we are right now. >> a reminder to our viewers, sound redundant but as we covered when that's being being made law, it if sounds too good to be true, it usually is. i if you expect to insure 30 million more americans and keep your kid on your policy, cover preexisting conditions remove lifetime caps, all wonderful ideas, it's going to cost. finding out the details is shocking folks but fox business viewers would have been well prepared for what is going on right now. just remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. >> are higher healthcare premiums making shoppers sick? and is one major retailer
1:29 pm
worrying baas it -- because it is?
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well, brookstone, the purveyor of all things gadgets. whether buyers are clicking and ordering them or just dropping into brookestone stores to nab them. what might be holding them back.
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we're hearing stories been people who are shopping but not going nuts. >> we had tremendous results over the black friday weekends. was working three or four different stories on thursday and friday. >> really. >> we were open thursday. we had 100 stores that were open from the evening hours through the night, and what i saw -- >> your family -- >> they were actually enjoying an evening of -- they went down the in-laws. the teams in the stores were fired up to be there, the malls were jammed and people were in an incredible spirits. what i saw was a lot of families out shopping together. everybody was in a great mood. >> shopping and everybody was in a great mood? >> as a familiar. >> were they drinking. >> i daytona see any drink -- i didn't see any drinking. >> to the crowds were out but weren't buying as much.
1:34 pm
the numbers aren't. official: -- officially official yet, but what is holding some back. >> certainly health care costs are playing into people's concerns. on the flip side a stock market is on a great runup, people are feeling more optimistic. >> who is you're core custom -- your core customer. >> our core customer is in a middle to better income bracket, predominantly a female customer buying for men,. >> really. >> when you get into holiday, that actually changes. it becomes much more broad in terms of the price opinion s -- price points, we about $30 to $31 for the average price in our stores. so while we have the perception of high prices, the reality is we're extremely approachable. >> i think they get that idea because isn't that the $4,000 vibrating --
1:35 pm
>> massage chair. >> and then you have the $30 little spinning helicopter. it's confusing. >> sure. we have gifts for all ages and all interest levels. one of the hottest products is kinetic send, 98% sand, 2% polymer. it's familiar for kids to sculpt anything you can, unlike play-doh, will never dry out. >> we were kidding before the break, kids are going -- so much stuff to play with the store, so what suggest to you for business advice ---a-you need it -- drawing the kids and draw in the parents. let them play there. mine break all your stuff -- >> you're more than welcome anytime. >> but then the parents come in and they're pleasantly surprised. >> we set up demonstration stations at the profits of the store called "you gotta see it" we put our demonstrable products
1:36 pm
and put the associate there how the sand and drinkmaker works and let the customers touch and feel. it's an interactive playground. we want you to fall in love with the product. >> if you open up a processes meats and cheeses department you're off to the races. i digress. great seeing you. good luck. >> if appreciate it. thank you. >> it's a fun store, and great place to have your kid goes and just mess up. >> tear it up. >> just saying that. meanwhile, talk about a flight from hell. this one is not ending. even days after the plane's landing it's not what happened on that jet. it's who was on that jet and what happened to everyone else because they shared that same jet.
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>> coffee, tea, and tb? don't laugh.
1:40 pm
passengers aboard a usairways flight was flying with a very sick passenger and the tsa was alerted that one of the passengers was on the other -- on the no-fly list because he was being treated for tb. that meant testing everybody on the plane to be safe but a hassle. so just plain wrong and illegal? to rebecca and kelly. what do you think? >> i don't think that the cdc can be sued over this. it's wrong but i don't think it's illegal. i think they have an obligation to protect their passengers. they have to know the risk, and in this case, white ill was an inconvenience, nobody contracted tb. so, we have all been on flights with somebody that is gross and covering and nsa -- nasty but didn't catch anything. it seems wrong because nobody wants to be by that person but it's not illegal. >> that's the last time i flew
1:41 pm
with hannity. rebecca, is the airline in any way at fault? it was notified very late in the game. so we can argue back to the passengers, look, we found out almost as soon as you did. does that carry much legal water? >> no, it doesn't. neil, be careful what you're asking for. because just imagine if they were responsible and you walk up to the counter and you start coughing, and they say, ooh, that sounds like a very deep cough coming from your chest. you might tb and we're not letting you on. >> is there any liability on the part of the airline? all these passengers are ticked off. >> of course they're ticked off. but it's what kelly said. exactly. the guy is in line, gets on the plane, the plane takes off, and then all of a sudden, cdc calls
1:42 pm
tsa, and says, hey, there's a guy on the plane and he is on the no-fly list. the only thing i'm concerned about is that when the planeland, they gave him a mask. what good is that going to do? they're on the plane the entire time. >> they should have isolate him -- >> kelly, if the airline didn't do anything to either try to isolate this guy or cover him up or put a mask on, then once it knew, it didn't do enough even after it knew. what do you think of that? >> usually in that case you have to have damages, and in this case nobody caught it. so fear of getting sick is not enough. having to get a test is not enough. >> that it this can be dormant. >> it can be. thus far nothing has come
1:43 pm
forward but to suggest they should have isolated him, unless there's a significant area of first class they can lock off, which they can't do -- >> the planes are so crowded. we tried to reach them and did not guess a response. rebecca you think this blows up, no fund intended, bull people should be wise who has been cleared for takeoff. >> i think it's very fair and it's correct that they told everybody instead of hiding from it. they didn't have much of a chance with all of the -- >> they told them mid-air. >> i think they waited until they landed, and the police all came on and everyone was told at that point in time when they put the mask on them, hey, you all need to get tb checks, and even if it's latent, which most cases of tb are latent think don't
1:44 pm
come to null fruition in most people, even if it's latent and you'll never get the full kick of the tuberculosis they might show positive. so i'm not a sure why kelly is saying nobody had it. i don't know how fast -- >> we don't know. we're going to watch and it monitor and see if something comes of this. hopefully not. but scary landing. thank you very both much. >> well, with this site up and running democrats say republicans should be the ones running scared. really? our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade-proud to be ranked "best overall client experience."
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until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. it's up and running so should republicans now been cowering? not quite but to hear the web site tell us the obama cars web site is back in business and democrats are ready to give republicans the business.
1:48 pm
too fast? too soon? to rick and walker. what do you think? >> let's be clear here, neil. as much of a disaster as the rollout of the web site was, it's just the tip of the iceberg, and the reason it's the tip of the iceberg, i'm glad the president found a couple of bright folks in silicon valley to enact a web sitement we have had web sites for two decades now. now people can either -- can register and get on but you have to actually process claims, make payments. this is a multi tiered process, and who cares. the web site is working fine. does nothing to address the structural problems with the healthcare policy. the fact that a lot of people lost their insurance and don't know when -- >> we mentioned that it's not the site that is really such a problem -- >> was the past four weeks. >> but have that this discussion. >> we have.
1:49 pm
>> it's what you get to see when you're on it that is disconcerting. >> this is what is ridiculous about this whole thing. i'm going to stay consistent. i've said all along -- >> why start now? >> you know, that's what i do. i ain't about the site. for better or worse. maybe the site -- >> it's about the lousy law itself. >> it's about the law and like it or not, politicians, my friend right here, like it or -- what are you, mother teresa? >> i'm not running for anything. it's going to be two or three years before anybody has an answer whether this has worked or not worked. so, i know that that's -- >> if the web site leads people to something that is jaw-dropping, the prices aren't what they -- >> you're overstating that -- >> no, no. obviously that is what is happening. >> some people are getting to the web site, seeing prices -- i mean, hosted a radio show this morning. i about that.
1:50 pm
it's more expensive than i can afford. however other people are getting there, like me, who went to the web site here in new york, and discovered that my insurance -- i'm switching it to -- is going to cost me less than half of what i've been paying. >> you have to be an exception to a lousy rule, i say. >> the premium increase is a disaster. insurance companies are still saying that the web site is not able to give people correct information. >> he is lying. you're saying he is lying. >> what about women -- >> what about impact on women. men don't like to go to the doctor. women are important. my wife has a baby three weeks ago. they're -- >> congratulations. >> i couldn't manage her losing her health insurance. this is incredibly unfair tower country's women. >> people who lost their insurance. >> no. >> i'm glad. let me say -- >> let me say something.
1:51 pm
i, too am concerned about anybody who got a cancellation notice. i am. would you tell me this. why aren't you concerned about -- what about them? >> no financial spend zone. >> if the healthcare law didn't get you worked up. richard simmons says it's time for all of us to work out. things turn very quickly south from there. >> i want to take my clothes off. >> don't we all. >> look at this. we're out of time. don't worry about it. >> let me, entertain you -- >> okay.
1:52 pm
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1:54 pm
>> you look so hand. i can hardly deal with not climbing over this desk. >> good to see you, too. >> we can't speak about the
1:55 pm
balloons that don't make it. we have to think about the balloons that are there. >> one thing about interviewing you -- >> wait, wait. when the moon hits you eyes like a pizza pie that amore. >> i just want to say goodbye. >> your imaginary fans but people love you. >> you have had millions of hits on the video. >> from phantom of the opera.
1:56 pm
>> mother, daughter, mother, daughter. >> touch me. >> someone is blocking. >> okay. >> you have to go on to something more like calling butter people butter ball turkeyes, putting wheels on them. do they laugh like this all the time? >> just -- >> when i'm on. >> so hard to talk to you. i want to climb on this desk so bad. >> i wish you couldn't. i wish you wouldn't. i want you to sit down. i enjoy you, too. >> i'm sorry, everybody. >> let's just say richard simmons knows how to get a reaction and apparently not just from me. why? betty, neil, i laughed until i couldn't breathe.
1:57 pm
you were hilarious. he is a piece of work. wanda, do not book him again. enough is enough. charlie e-mails me, i have not laughed so hard since watching "blazing saddles." >> kirk in elk grove, california, neil, richard simmons wanted to crawl across the desk and you wanted to crawl under it. >> one said i was nervous for you. frank said, that's the first time i ever saw you back away from cupcake icing. you're right about that. ed in washington, good grief, is he the best guest you can coming up with? disgusting. >> monica, the worst interview are. please upgrade your selection. i wasted ten minutes, trisha, i didn't know whether to laugh or cringe. awkward. >> carl in west virginia, why
1:58 pm
you have him on your show is beyond me. such an embarrassment to all member. i can't stand to look at him. jackie, neil, i loved seeing richard simmons on your show, he is a truly very special man. lee land, irfelt sorry for you. i expected him to plant a wet one on you. >> in fact he did. >> used to be on the fence about richard sim mops. watching you -- simmons. watching you squirm brought me to tears. john, via gmail, my god, i laughed more in ten minutes with richard simmons. >> i am now a huge fan of both our. you. mike in hawai'i, thank you for bringing a smile to my face and making me land outload.
1:59 pm
>> marilyn said, just watch the interview which was offensive, unfunny, and way below your standards, standard? s? wiley in massachusetts, with the world on fire, it was good to just laugh out loud. great segment. sam, in annapolis. you have to have him on weekly. i was rolling on the floor. >> rick in florida writes, you and richard sim -- simmons need to go on tour. i would be the first in line too buy a ticket. >> without going on about house shopping. we're going focus on the messages of richard about trying to get in touch with what was we really one. one of the serious points richard made and we'll explore tonight is that more than just saying, sometimes it's about sexual innuendos. i have no idea where it's going.
2:00 pm
8:00 p.m. tonight we'll explore the other side of the holidays that we're missing. a good laugh and to be laughed at. sometimes it's just priceless. >> almost a disaster. we're at our new north pole studio in mill pete as, california. can you believe us? i'm greg and kimberly, and she snow-skis on a wish bone, dana perino. surprise, this is "the five." >> the white house has spoken. the obamacare web site is success and by their measure, why not look at other government successes. the postal service, the dmv, green jobs, war on drugs, the irs, obamacare hit rock

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